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Her Village

Guided support for women through one-on-one healing
Reproductive health education, resources, tools, herbal remedies, and community
A space to feel seen + understood


Through connection, community, education, and holistic, alternative means, we offer females the opportunity to take control of their reproductive health from a place of knowledge, pride, and empowerment. We strive to create a space that females can connect, confide, and find support for the challenges and imbalances they face when it comes to their reproductive health. 

As women, we spend each day living in our bodies, but seldom understand why we feel the way we feel – and most importantly, how we can feel better.



Her Village formulates herbal blends designed to assist women in achieving a healthy standard period. All herbal blends contain herbal properties that will address with clearing uterine congestion, improve vaginal flora, increase and stimulate blood flow, and help to regulate cycles. Each blend has additional herbs specific to the type of imbalance women may be experiencing.


Our online consultation ensures you receive the product that best suits your needs. After purchasing an online intake will be sent out prior to shipping & a personalized vaginal steam protocol will be sent out via email to help achieve a balanced healthy menstrual cycle. 


Simple, Sturdy, And easy to assemble

This light weight pelvic steam stool was designed to assist in implementing the ancient practice of vaginal steaming in the privacy of your home

The Her Village Healing Process

Our services begin with a consultation, to gain an in-depth view of your menstrual cycle including patterns and possible imbalances. We review and assess your cycle, honouring your unique experience and making note of any concerns. We develop your vaginal steam plan, customized to your specific cycle and womb needs.


Vaginal Steaming as a form of Female Healing

Vaginal steaming is a gentle and natural method of healing the female reproductive system and pelvic floor. This ancient therapy has the potential to heal a large variety of gynaecological challenges as well

This practice is based on making a steam seat of previously boiled herbs which are meant to balance various uterine challenges. The medicinal properties in the herbs are absorbed through the external tissues of the vagina and carried through to the blood stream. Steaming optimizies the natural inclinations of the body and supports in rebalancing and promoting circulation in concentration through the whole reproductive system

BENEFITS | Menstrual cramps, fertility, irregular menstrual cycle, absent cycles, heavy bleeding, Mid -cycle bleeding, postpartum healing, endometreosis, fibroids, cyst, hpv, low libido, menopause, miscarriage recovery, infections, bacterial vaginosis And much more....